Cielo De Guzman – Dental Nurse

Cielo De Guzman

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Cielo De Guzman

– Dental Nurse in Fulham London


GDC Registration Number: 299858

Work History and Qualifications

Cielo made Ireland her home 14 years ago. After exploring various academic pursuits, she found her calling in dental nursing. Cielo dedicated two years to studying Dental Nursing at Trinity College Dublin, during which she underwent rigorous training at the Dublin Dental University Hospital. Her commitment culminated in the attainment of her qualification in 2018, marking the foundation of her professional journey in the field of dental care.

  • Dental Nursing, Trinity College Dublin

Comprehensive and High-Quality Care

With six-years as a Dental Nurse, Cielo has honed her expertise, specialising in orthodontics for the past four years. Not content with the status quo, she has proactively expanded her skill set by undertaking additional courses in conscious sedation through IV and inhalation. Her commitment to staying at the forefront of advancements in dental care is exemplified by her recent attendance at an Invisalign Summit. Cielo’s continuous pursuit of knowledge and specialized training underscores her dedication to providing top-notch, comprehensive care in the dynamic field of dentistry.

Beyond Dentistry

During her downtime, Cielo indulges her love for gastronomy, exploring various restaurants as a dedicated foodie. Beyond culinary adventures, she channels her energy into playing tennis and maintaining a fitness-oriented lifestyle.

A unique facet of Cielo’s interests is her passion for dance. In a remarkable achievement, she once proudly represented Ireland in the World Hip-Hop Dance Championship as part of a group, showcasing her talent and dedication on a global stage in Las Vegas. This multifaceted approach to leisure highlights Cielo’s vibrant and dynamic personality beyond the realm of dental nursing.

Expert Areas of Dentistry

  • Dental Nursing

Dental Practice Location

Fulham Road Dental
725 Fulham Road
Parsons Green