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Preservation and restoration of your tooth structure

Dentistry is the foundation to long term dental health. Where possible we will always look to preserve your natural tooth through restorative care.

Restorative dental care is more than just “filling a hole” but requires precise techniques to restore the original functionality of the tooth. Our clinicians are highly trained and are well known in the dental industry for being leaders in the use of these techniques.

These dental restorations include:

Composite restorations – replacing lost tooth structure caused by decay, tooth wear or injury using a combination of advanced techniques and white resin material to achieve a natural looking tooth.

Ceramic (porcelain) restorations – severe tooth damage may require more extensive restoration. This may include crowns, inlays, onlays and overlays and are placed to protect the original tooth structure. Digital scanning is used for comfort and accuracy of the treatment.

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Tooth Restoration FAQs

What are better – metal amalgam fillings or white composite fillings?

Composite fillings are bonded to the tooth and provide support and strength. Amalgam fillings are not glued to the tooth so involve more cutting of healthy tooth to provide retentive features so they don’t fall out

What is a rubber dam?

A rubber dam is a non-latex rubber sheet which is placed over your teeth to keep them dry and sterile while your dentist does treatment. It is not required for all dental procedures (like teeth cleaning and tooth extractions) but would be considered gold standard for certain procedures. You can be safe in the knowledge that at Fulham Road Dental our clinicians are highly regarded in the dental community for providing gold standard procedures.

Is porcelain the same as ceramic?

In dental terms both words are used interchangeably

What’s the difference between composite and porcelain/ceramic?

Ceramic/ porcelain is a material that is made in a lab and cemented onto the tooth and a subsequent appointment. Composite is hand sculpted directly onto your tooth by your dentist. Both have different functional benefits.