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Dental Implants

A fixed and lifelike replacement

Our dental team in Fulham are experienced in restoring missing teeth with implants. An implant is a replacement for the root of your missing tooth and provides a strong foundation for a crown (i.e. the visible tooth above the gum line). Implants can be used to replace single or multiple teeth.

Our clinicians will always try to save your natural tooth. However this might not always be possible. In which case in may need to be removed. If this gap is not restored with an implant the following issues can arise:

  • Teeth either side of the gap can “drift” into the space left by the missing tooth
  • This “drifting” can have a knock-on effect to the rest of the your mouth including bite and aesthetics
  • Remaining teeth can be overworked resulting in fracture
  • The bone in the position of the missing tooth will erode
  • Speech can be effected

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Reduce risk of bone loss
  • More comfortable than other solutions like removable denture
  • Less trauma to the surrounding teeth (e.g. like fixed bridge)
  • Fixed non-removable replacement tooth
  • Chew and smile with confidence
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Dental Implants

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Dental Implants

Dental Implants FAQs

Will implants last forever?

We could never tell you an implant will last forever because they can suffer the same problems as teeth like gum disease and fracture – but they have one of the best success rates in dentistry if you look after your mouth.

What happens if I don’t have any bone, can I still have an implant?

A lack of bone doesn’t mean that you definitely can’t have an implant. We can carry out grafting procedures to replace lost bone to make an implant possible.

Are implants the best solution for missing teeth?

This really is dependent from patient to patient – but if you have missing teeth often implants can be the gold standard replacement option for reasons described above.

Can an implant be placed straight after my tooth is extracted?

Sometimes implants can be placed as soon as a tooth is extracted, but if the tooth has been infected we may want to wait for the infection to heal before an implant is placed. We may also want the bone to fuse to the implant before the ‘crown’ is placed.

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