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Let us help you get over your fears

At Fulham Road Dental we understand that for some people a dental appointment comes with a little anxiety. We can help make these appointments comfortable for you with our intravenous sedation services.

Sedation is potentially an option for patients with any of the following:

  • Fear of dental treatment
  • Difficulty getting numb
  • Very sensitive gag reflex
  • Long complex dental appointments

Intravenous sedation is a simpler and safer procedure than hospital general anaesthetic. You will be accompanied by the treating dentist, the sedationist and a nurse.

You will be in a very relaxed but conscious state and will have little recollection of the procedure or ‘getting numb’. A chaperone will be required to accompany you home.

As part of your pre-treatment consultation your dentist will provide you with a treatment plan to achieve dental health. You will subsequently meet our sedationist to assess your suitability for treatment.

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Sedation FAQs

Will I feel any pain?

You will feel almost nothing!  We even numb the back of your hand prior to starting the IV.

How long will I be relaxing?

Depending on your needs, from two to six hours.  You may also rest for 3-4 hours when you get home.

Will someone need to accompany me?

Yes, due to the sedative effects of the medication, you will need a responsible adult to drive you to our clinic and home again. You must not drive or operate any machinery until the day after your intravenous sedation.

Will I be monitored?

Yes, one of our team is always with you and your vital signs are constantly monitored during the entire visit. You are never alone.

Will I really be totally relaxed?

Yes. You will receive just enough sedation so that you will be relaxed and unconcerned about the dental treatment.

What treatments can I have under sedation?

Any procedure that is usually done in our clinic can be done with sedation.

Is gentle dentistry using IV sedation safe for me?

We will review your medical history and potentially consult with your doctor. Our Sedationist and team have extra yearly training to ensure your safety and comfort.

How long will I be under Sedation?

The length of your appointment will depend upon the procedure being done. There will also be a recovery period after the procedure is finished.

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