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Expert hygienist treatments for the whole family in Fulham

A healthy mouth contributes to a healthy and confident lifestyle.

Our hygienists will discuss your current oral care regime and will formulate a bespoke plan to help you maintain and improve your dental health and wellness. This plan can include:

  • Diamond stain removal
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Fresh breath treatment
  • Whitening treatment
  • Prevention and Treatment of gum disease
  • Treatment of sensitive teeth
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Maintenance of braces

Latest EMS Cleaning Technology for maximum comfort

A combination of air, warm water ultrasonic technology and ultrafine powder to help remove plaque, build-ups and stains from tooth surfaces.

What is oral health and wellness

  • Confidence in your smile
  • Fresh breath
  • Absence of gum disease
  • Chewing with peace of mind
  • Lack of pain and sensitivity
Hygienist in Fulham

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Dental Hygienist in Fulham

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Hygienist FAQs

Why do I need my teeth cleaned by a hygienist?

It’s common to get build ups of calculus (tartar) around your teeth which you will not be able to remove at home. This build up can lead to gum disease. A hygienist can clean this off with special instruments and give you advice on how to decrease the rate of this build up. However well you clean your teeth a regular hygienist appointment is important – even dentists have them!

Is using mouthwash as good as brushing your teeth?

No! Brushing your teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste will manually remove plaque and bacteria from your teeth to reduce the chances of dental decay and gum disease. Mouthwash does not do this!

A fluoride containing mouthwash can benefit you if used after a meal because it gives you an application of fluoride and neutralises the acids caused from bacteria and food. You shouldn’t rinse your mouth with water or mouth rinse after brushing your teeth as you are just rinsing off the high fluoride amount in toothpaste which has a topical benefit.

Is Fluoride good for your teeth?

Yes! An appropriate level of fluoride is important and will increase your resistance to dental decay

See this link for more info –

What stains my teeth?

Heavily coloured foods and drinks, like tea, coffee, red wine, curry, turmeric etc. Smoking is a big no no!