Gum Disease

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Gum Disease

The cornerstone of a healthy mouth is healthy gums

Poor gum health can lead to loose teeth, gum recession, bad breath, bite changes and eventual tooth loss.

Importantly, it has also been shown that having your gums in good condition will also play a very important role in your overall general health and well-being and can reduce the risk of more chronic health issues like heart problems.

At our Fulham dental practice, our Periodontists have dedicated themselves to the treatment and prevention of gum disease, and perform procedures to help reverse some of the effects including the replacement of gum tissue (gum grafting).

What do healthy gums look like

  • No bleeding of the gums when you either brush or floss
  • Gums that are firm and pink
  • Gums that aren’t receding from the tooth

What is the difference between a General Dentist and Periodontist?

A general dentist can treat simpler forms of gum disease whereas a Periodontist typically sees the more severe, complex cases that require specialist treatment. Periodontists are trained in additive gum procedures.

dental bonding for receding gums

Gum Disease

Gum Disease


Gum Disease FAQs

What’s the difference between a hygienist and a Periodontist?

A hygienist is not a dentist, and is trained to clean your teeth and provide advice how to prevent gum disease. A Periodontist is a dentist who has undergone specialist training in the treatment of more complex gum troubles and regeneration of lost gum tissue.

Can I grow bone and gum back once its lost due to gum disease?

Unfortunately once you have lost gum and bone then it will not grow back. A Periodontist can provide specialist regenerative procedures however to replace lost gum tissue, and even grafting procedures to replace lost bone.

Does gum disease cause health issues?

Yes! Gum disease isn’t just bad for your teeth, but has also been linked to serious health problems like stroke, diabetes, and heart disease.

How can I prevent gum disease?

Some people are genetically more prone to getting gum disease. To prevent the chances of gum disease your oral hygiene is very important. It is important to see you dentist and hygienist regularly to diagnose, treat and prevent any issues.