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Digital Dentures for a perfect result

The reasons for replacing dentures include both tooth wear and fit of your old dentures making them uncomfortable to wear.

Digital dentures is a treatment made from scanned impressions, which are far less uncomfortable than traditional impressions. The flexible dentures are manufactured by dentists using computer-aided design and technology to create perfect, bespoke dentures lasting up to 8 years while simultaneously increasing dental hygiene.

Digital dentures can be manufactured to replicate natural teeth and help patients achieve a confident smile.

The clinical dental technician then creates your denture using digital technology that utilises the latest manufacturing techniques of either additive 3D printing or subtractive 3D milling. Compared to traditional dentures, the techniques used for digital dentures are more efficient and less invasive for the patient and can reduce the number of visits required to complete the process, which is beneficial for nervous patients.

Digital Dentures

Digital Dentures Vs Traditional Dentures

Computer technology is used to create a design that allows digital dentures to be made to precise specifications by the latest manufacturing equipment. When compared to traditional dentures, digital dentures offer numerous advantages that reduce processing time and eliminate errors associated with physical impressions and manual denture processing.

How Do Digital Dentures Work?

After dentists have taken digital impressions of the patient’s mouth, the dental technician uses 3D design software to create and customize dentures virtually. These images are converted to dentures through 3D printing or milling.

After the initial impression, you will receive a try-in prototype of your dentures to try for a short time to see how they fit and function in your mouth.

Replace Missing Teeth

Complete dentures can be used to replace missing teeth. These treatments are carried out by dentist specialists to ensure good oral health and gums and reinstate normal teeth, meaning that chewing and eating is made a lot simpler.

Digital Dentures in Fulham

Services available in Digital Dentures          

  • Full and Partial acrylic dentures are available in all levels of service, Gold, Silver and Bronze
  • Implant retained dentures available in Gold and Silver
  • Due to the manufacturing process, chrome removable partial dentures are available in Silver.
  • Myerson Flexible partial dentures are available in Silver only due to the manufacturing process.

Partial dentures

A partial denture enables the replacement of lost teeth so that you can reclaim function and confidence in your mouth; partial dentures provide a less invasive and more straightforward alternative.

Complete dentures

Digital full dentures can be simply replicated when they are lost or broken. A dentist/dental clinic will merely request that the lab locate them in the electronic database and have copies made.

Nicholas Smith, Clinical Dental Technician

Digital Dentures Fulham
Digital Dentures Fulham

Digital Denture FAQs


All dentures need to be replaced in time however, these will have a similar lifespan to conventional dentures of up to 8 years with a reline to enhance fit after five years. It is important to have regular reviews, and a new set can be ordered as the manufacturing file is always held on our computer and can be re-printed.


This type of digitally produced denture is made from materials similar to the traditional one used and can be relined via traditional techniques either chairside or in the lab after approximately five years.


Stronger than most dentures, fracture rates will be less due to the accuracy of impression techniques. The denture design is held on our systems, allowing another denture to be printed quickly as a replacement.

Missing Teeth

You would likely have to start over with the denture design process if you lost or seriously damaged your non-digital dentures, which may mean going several months or weeks without teeth. Because the design of your dentures is safely kept and available for use, digital dentures allow you to obtain a replacement prosthetic much more quickly.


The digital denture is made from a solid block of a hardened, curing resin. Conventional dentures don’t fit your palate or oral tissues as well as this resin since it doesn’t move or change as it cures. Digital dentures, as opposed to traditional dentures, fit better as a result of this approach.

Impression scanning

This technique is time-saving, less invasive and more comfortable for the patient.

What to expect

A high-quality bespoke denture using the latest manufacturing techniques and materials.

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