Need help finding a Fulham dentist?

Finding a Fulham dentist can be a challenge. With a number of dental practices on the high street and located within the SW6 postcode how do you know which dental practice to choose? The majority of the dental practices in Fulham are advertised in local media and also appear on the internet and can be found by using search engines such as Google. In fact, did you know that ‘Fulham Dentist’ is one of the most popular internet search terms for people looking to find a new dental practice for themselves and their family.

Fulham DentistA Dental Practice or a Dentist?

Many people are not aware that it’s not unusual for a dentist to work at multiple practice locations, your Fulham dentist could also work in Chelsea or Hammersmith on certain days of the week or the month. It may even be possible for you, as a patient, to travel and see your regular dentist at an alternative dental practice location. That said, there will be times when a single dentist will not suffice, you may need a treatment outside of your regular dentists skill set, or you may have an emergency and cannot get a timely appointment. This is where you need to reply on a multi-disciplinary dental practice that has a diverse clinical team that are able to facilitate exactly what you need, when you need it.

Fulham Road Dental is home to the very best talent…

At Fulham Road Dental the team of expert dentists are friendly, diverse and love to help patients with their dental needs. The clinicians have dedicated their careers to be able to provide patients with the very highest level of dental excellence and aftercare.

Fulham Road Dental

The dental practice sits proudly on the Fulham Road, SW6 5UL, opposite the magnificent and iconic grade two listed building of the Fulham Library. The dental practice finds itself nestled between an array of boutique shops and eateries offering a varied selection of food and drink. The contemporary interior design has subtle sophistication, deliberate use of different textiles and clean lines to create a very spacious and homely feel. The furniture and decorations have been individually selected to blend together so that patients are completely relaxed and comfortable during their visit.

The practice has an extensive range of state-of-the-art dental equipment to aid diagnosis and treat routine, cosmetic and complex dental cases for patients. Surgeries are equipped with the latest medical technology and have been designed to provide a warm, calming, and comfortable setting for patients and the team of dental experts. This uncompromising approach in providing the very best facilities attracts renowned dentists in their respective field, working together to create an award winning, multi-disciplinary dental practice.

Dentist in Fulham

Treatments at Fulham Road Dental

  • General Dentistry
  • Pain and infection relief through specialist root canal treatment
  • Addressing gum disease and recession with specialist treatment
  • Fixing misaligned teeth with traditional braces, clear aligners, and hidden orthodontics
  • Restoring function to work and decayed teeth
  • Cosmetic improvements to your smile with composite bonding and veneers
  • Children’s specialist treatments for the little ones that need a little extra care
  • Comprehensive oral hygienist and stain removal treatments
  • Replacing missing teeth through implants and autotransplantation
  • Complex oral surgery and extractions
  • Full mouth rehabilitation
  • Sedation for nervous patients

Award Winning Dentist

A dentist in Fulham for all of your needs…

Fulham Road Dental can assist with the most challenging dental work, from a simple cosmetic treatment to a complex full mouth rehabilitation. The practice has a team of leading dental specialists working closely together, treating everything from the routine, to the most complex cases, in one location.

The current team of Fulham dentists are listed below:

Fulham Dentist – Dr. Ernest Lucas Taule – Implantologist
Ernest is a qualified implant surgeon with expertise in all aspects of dental implant treatments including minimally invasive techniques, advanced bone augmentation procedures, soft tissue reconstruction, autotransplantation, and full mouth rehabilitation cases

Fulham Dentist – Dr. Emanuele Cicero – Prosthodontist
Emanuele is an internationally respected clinician and lecturer, focused on teaching, researching and the clinical provision of complete mouth rehabilitation in fixed prosthodontics and dentofacial aesthetics.

Fulham Dentist – Dr. Risha Patel – Endodontist
Risha provides endodontic treatment of complex cases and strives to provide consistent, high-quality endodontic treatment in a pain-free and comfortable environment. Risha treats anxious patients, providing a variety of options to help manage treatment.

Fulham Dentist – Dr. Yusuf Gadiwalla – Oral Surgeon
Yusuf prefers to be minimally invasive in all oral surgery procedures and enjoys making the dental experience calming and comfortable. Yusuf specialises in oral surgery, complex extractions and wisdom teeth. He has published several research papers in the field of Oral Surgery.

Fulham Dentist – Dr. Telmo Iceta – Practice limited to Orthodontics
Telmo is passionate about treating smiles, not just in terms of aesthetics, but also function with orthodontic techniques. He provides solutions with fixed braces, lingual braces, and clear aligners. He has extensive experience with innovative anchorage devices like mini implants.

Fulham Dentist – Dr. George Cheetham – Restorative Dentist
George focuses on restorative dentistry and provides solutions ranging from single teeth to whole dentitions. He enjoys restoring broken down mouths, but also anterior cosmetic cases like composite bonding and ceramic veneers. George has won a number of awards.

Fulham Dentist – Dr. Morteza Deghanpour – Endodontist
Morteza pursued his interest in endodontics by completing his specialist training at the world-renowned Eastman Dental Institute in London. He subsequently passed membership in endodontics examinations for both the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and England.

Fulham Dentist – Dr. Ahmed Tadfi – Restorative Dentist
Ahmed’s experience and training has earned him international recognition within the high-end cosmetic dentistry circles.  Ahmed is regarded by his peers as a highly skilled clinician and is now involved in teaching and mentoring both undergraduate and postgraduate dentists.

Fulham Dentist – Dr. Angela Boodhooa – Periodontist
Angela has worked for a number of years in the field of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery including 5 years as a Specialty Doctor. She went on to follow her passion for gum health and became a specialist Periodontist restoring gum health through surgical and non-surgical techniques.

Fulham Dentist – Dr. Wiktor Pietraszewski – Restorative Dentist
Wiktor practices all aspects of general dentistry with a special interest in aesthetic restorative dentistry and indirect ceramic work. Wiktor is known for his artistic approach to his dentistry where his aims to emulate the natural appearance and proper function of teeth in his restorative and cosmetic work.

Fulham Dentist – Dr. Lida Gamble – Orthodontist
Lida is experienced in all aspects of orthodontic planning and appliance therapy, she can provide treatment with labial fixed appliances, using metal or clear ceramic brackets, lingual fixed appliances and Invisalign clear aligner system, amongst others.

Fulham Dentist – Dr. Simona Loghin – Restorative Dentist
Simona developed high skills in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of pulp inflammation and aesthetic restorations. All the treatment procedures are carried out using magnifying optical systems and documented with photos.

Fulham Dentist – Dr. Kunal Patel – Paediatrics
Kunal accepts paediatric referrals for traumatic dental injuries, white fillings, stainless steel crowns, behaviour management, immature root canal treatment, management of the development and dental anomalies, treatment of dental decay and dental extractions.

Fulham Dentist – Dr. Munir Ravalia – Sedationist
Munir has a passion for working with patients who have anxiety and fear using Conscious Sedation techniques (including IV sedation)  Utilising differing Psychotherapeutic regimens, such as CBT/NLP/Clinical Hypnotherapy to offer a bespoke service for patients.

Fulham Dentist – Dr. Keval Shah – Endodontist
Kevals expertise allow him to deal with teeth that have complex endodontic (root canal related) problems, meaning he can save teeth that may otherwise need to be extracted. His compassionate approach ensures an excellent patient experience.

Fulham Hygienist – Lauren D’Mello – Hygienist
Lauren has over 10 years’ experience in the dental industry, having worked in both NHS and private practices, hospitals, and community clinics. After completing a National Diploma in Dental Nursing, Lauren studied Dental Hygiene and Therapy at the University of Birmingham.

Fulham Hygienist – Ronece Exford – Hygienist
Ronece graduated in 2016 from Teeside University with BSc Dental Hygiene and Dental Therapy. Her passion for dentistry came from the love of making a difference in people’s lives and improving their quality of life.