Dr. George Cheetham, Tooth Restoration at Fulham Road Dental

George The Dentist

George is a restorative dentist who provides specialised clinical care to his patients in his multi-disciplinary practices in Fulham and Wimbledon Village. His list of growing skills allows him to offer a wide range of treatments to provide solutions to his patient’s complex issues, from a functional and cosmetic standpoint.


George The DentistGeorge grew up in the beautiful county of Surrey and attended school at Kings College Wimbledon. During his studies, he unearthed a passion for science and maths. So, how did he end up pursuing a career in dentistry? After completing an array of work experience across different fields such as medicine and veterinary sciences, he soon realised his passions lay with dentistry, and the rest is history! It wasn’t until George took a trip down to the “toon” for a university open day that he discovered a love for the city of Newcastle. It offered an attractive buzz that he could not resist.

After achieving his grades, he went on to study dentistry at his top university choice in Newcastle. At the time, it was one of the best-rated universities for undergraduate dentistry. In 2009 he qualified with distinction from Newcastle Dental School. George soon uncovered a keen interest in providing aesthetic dentistry throughout his studies. This encouraged him to complete a master’s degree in aesthetic restorative dentistry at the widely renowned Kings College London with distinction. To this day, George still takes any opportunity to expand his skillset and frequently attends dental courses. What are these courses? You may be able to hazard a quick guess as most of them tend to focus on the field of restorative dentistry.

The learning doesn’t stop there for George, as he recently completed an American run mastership program in the field of Biomimetic dentistry. We know what you are thinking – how many areas of dentistry can there be? Dentistry is a complex profession – that George knows all too well about. (He would tell you himself he is a total dentistry obsessive!) Biomimetic dentistry is a practice that applies the concept of biomimetics, which aims to preserve intact tooth structure and restore teeth back to the function and biomechanics of natural teeth. Admirably, George is one of the first official UK dentists to be trained in this field in an American lead mastership program.

Dentistry Work

Dr. George Cheetham
George has had an exciting dentistry career so far, and long may it continue. Having completed a diploma in clear aligner therapy with the City of London Dental School, he has provided many Invisalign treatments for his long list of patients. His care also focuses on full-mouth comprehensive treatments and cosmetic treatments. George has also dedicated part of his career to teaching as the passionate dentist he is. He visited a number of universities and private institutions across the country to share his knowledge. (We did tell you he’s a total dentistry geek)

At the age of 28, George made a big leap in his career and chose to take over Ridgway Dental with one of his dentistry pals (Aaron Yusuf) from another clinic where he used to work. The private practice was one he had worked at since a year after he qualified as a dentist. Back then, Ridgway Dental was a small clinic that solely provided regular dentistry. However, being the ambitious dentists they are, George and Aaron had bigger dreams for the place. Today, Ridgway Dental is a much larger specialist dental practice. The practice provides general to complex care to both routine and referral patients.

As previously mentioned, George has trained in Invisalign clear braces and took the Clear Aligner Diploma. He saw the need for providing orthodontics to his patients. Not only did his patients applaud his smile makeovers, but the company that owns Invisalign (Align) did too. Now, George works with Align and lectures internationally for the company. He also trains other dentists to provide Invisalign treatments.

A new chapter

Fulham Road DentalA couple of years ago, George and one of his patients shared an insightful idea. What if there was a dental clinic that prioritised exceptional dental care and a comfortable patient experience? He felt there was a need for this in the dental industry and soon got to work.

George worked at making this vision a reality by bringing together a team of industry leading dentists who share the same values. Now, George has a group of passionate, specialist dentists in their respective fields – and has provided a learning environment alongside technology to help them excel in their roles and provide patients with the outstanding care they deserve. Not only can patients seek comfort in a more relaxing environment, but staff members can also feel valued in what they do – helping them grow in their careers. As a result of all this hard work, Fulham Road Dental was born.

Things must be working out – the practice was the proud recipient of the award – ‘Best New Dental Practice London -2022’.

Award Winning DentistAccreditations

  • Clinical dentistry (BDS) – Distinction, Newcastle University
  • MJDF (Rcs Eng) – The Royal College of Surgeons
  • Master’s degree in Aesthetic Dentistry – Distinction, King’s College London
  • Clear Aligner diploma – City of London Dental School 


George has been awarded many prestigious awards throughout his career. His involvement in the dental community and the copious amount of charity work he has been involved in over the years led to him winning the “Best Young Dentist” award in London. Not only did George win this award in 2018, but also in 2019 too! Did we mention he also won Best Young Dentist in South England in 2020?

He’s pretty inspirational – if you ask us.

George’s recognition does not stop there. He has been featured in the “most influential people in dentistry” list and in the dental media. Several dental material manufacturers have also chosen George’s expertise by making him a key opinion leader. He’s even an editorial board member for the “Clinical Dentistry Journal”. The list goes on! It is safe to say that George has been making waves in the dental industry since he got his distinction back in 2009. He is even taking on the dental fashion market. Keep an eye out for his line of medical scrubs being released in the future. Check out his Instagram @georgethedentist. He has become pretty popular there and uses the platform to provide free education to the dental community.