How to Find Fulham Road Dental: A Detailed Guide

London Underground Sign

Looking for a dentist in Fulham? Finding your way to Fulham Road Dental doesn’t have to be daunting. With the correct information at your fingertips, navigating the bustling streets of London becomes a breeze. In this detailed guide, we’ll provide everything you need to know to easily reach Fulham Road Dental, including timetables, tube maps, Uber pricing, cycle routes, parking info, and more.

Who are Fulham Road Dental, and Where Are We Located?

Our Dental Clinic Address in Fulham, SW6

Fulham Road Dental Best New Practice

Fulham Road Dental is conveniently located at 725 Fulham Rd, London SW6 5UL, providing easy access for patients and visitors. For reference, we are opposite the Fulham Library and close to the Pottery Cafe & Gail’s restaurant.

Fulham Road Dental's location as shown on the map

Fulham Road Dental – Award Winning Dental Care in Fulham

Fulham Road Dental offers a comprehensive range of dental services that can accommodate the diversified needs of our patients.

Our clinic provides highly proficient and competent services in various areas, including:

  • The most popular oral health procedures that include dental cleaning, fillings, and root canal.
  • Cosmetic dental services for the purpose of enhancing the look of your teeth, such as teeth whitening, veneers, and dental bonding.
  • Orthodontic treatments, which involve braces and clear aligners, to straighten misaligned teeth and improve bite alignment.
  • Dental surgeries of more complex type for reviewing wisdom teeth, dental implants, and gum surgeries.
  • Patients can immediately make appointment online through our website or find out more about our services and practitioners.

Now you know who and where we are, how do you get to us? Let’s go through the steps of the commute to us.

Parsons Green Underground: Your Gateway to Fulham Road Dental

Speedy tube train on the underground in London

Tube – Reaching SW6 5UL on The London Underground

The tube is the most convenient route to Fulham Road when travelling around London. The closest tube station is Parsons Green, conveniently serviced by the District Line. Upon exiting the station, proceed south along Fulham Road, where you’ll find our dental practice on the left-hand side after a brief walk.

Map of district line tube stations with Parsons Green Station marked as the point to disembark

Central London, such as Oxford Circus, Victoria or Westminster

You can take the District Line to travel from central London to Parsons Green via the tube. Go towards the platforms signed westbound District Line train from any central London station.

  1. Take the westbound District line towards Wimbledon.
  2. When you reach Parsons Green station, continue from there.
Victoria – £2.80 off-peak (running every 5 minutes)

Coming from East London, such as Tower Hill, Monument, or Whitechapel:

  1. Hop on the District line heading west towards Ealing Broadway or Richmond.
  2. Disembark at Parsons Green Tube station.
Whitechapel – £2.80 off-peak (running every 6 minutes)

If you’re coming from West London, like Hammersmith or Richmond:

  1. Board the eastbound District line towards Upminster.
  2. Exit the train to the platform at Parsons Green tube station.
Hammersmith – £1.80 off-peak (running every 6 minutes)

Tube Access

Parsons Green Underground Station is a necessary stop along the district line, offering direct access to Parsons Green and its neighbouring districts. The station’s ticket hall is equipped with step-free access, guaranteeing a convenient experience for all travellers.

Nearby Stations

Nearby stations such as West Brompton, Walham Green Putney Bridge and Fulham Broadway Underground Station aren’t too far from Fulham Road Dental either.

Other Transportation Options To Reach Our Dental Clinic

A London Bus

Fulham Road Bus Routes

If you fancy using the bus to get, here are some of the bus routes you could take:

Fulham Bus Routes

Operating Days

Operating Hours


First Bus

Last Bus

430 (Towards Wandsworth) Monday to Friday 05:33 to 01:14 Every 10-14 minutes 05:33 01:14
Saturday 05:33 to 01:15 Every 11-13 minutes 05:33 01:15
74 (Towards Putney Exchange) Monday to Thursday 06:01 to 01:18 Varies: 07:00-08:00: Every 13-14 minutes, 08:00-20:00: Every 9-13 minutes 06:01 01:18
Friday 06:01 to 01:21 Varies: 07:00-08:00: Every 13-14 minutes, 08:00-01:00: Every 9-13 minutes 06:01 01:21
Saturday 06:01 to 01:20 Every 9-13 minutes 06:01 01:20
220 (Towards Wandsworth) Monday to Saturday 24 Hours Varies: 07:00-08:00: Every 8-12 minutes, 08:00-20:00: Every 6-10 minutes

Mobile phone being used to access the ride-hailing app Uber

Uber – The Convenient Travel Option To Reach SW6 5UL

For those seeking a more personalised travel experience, Uber offers a convenient alternative. Pricing may vary depending on distance, time of day, and demand, providing flexibility for passengers.

To use Uber to get to Fulham Road Dental, you can follow these steps:

1. Open the Uber App: Install the Uber app on your smartphone before taking Uber to your destination. Should you not possess it, though, you can download it from the Google Play Store (for Android devices).

2. Enter Destination: Launch the Uber app and type “Fulham Road Dental” in “Where to?” on the “Where to?” button.

3. Select Ride Option: Uber provides options for picking up according to your location and preferences, say UberX, Uber Black, Uber Pool and so on.

4. Confirm Pickup Location: Double-check your drop-off neighbourhood to ensure it is correctly utilised. With the help of GPS on your device, the app can determine your current location, but then again, you can also enter a different pickup location if necessary.

5. Request Ride: When choosing an address and where you will get picked up, click the “Confirm Uber” or “Request” button to request a ride.

6. Track Your Driver: When needing a ride, you can track the driver on the app’s map alone in real-time. You will also get to know the information on your driver. This includes the name, the photograph, and the vehicle details that will help the passenger to identify the driver.

7. Arrive at Fulham Road Dental: As soon as your driver reaches, get in the car and tell them you want to travel to Fulham Road Dental. Upon being seated, the driver will drive you to where you need to be while using the shortest course.

8. Payment: Once the journey is completed, uber will automatically charge the mentioned payment option that you provide. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about paying the driver. You will be given a downloadable email receipt containing the fare breakdown.

Uber Prices

An Uber trip’s price and time can vary depending on the day and time. But again, if you’re coming from central London, it should take around 25-40 minutes.

Standard Uberx Prices range from


Early Morning

Lunch Time


Monday-Saturday £35-£50 £30-£50 £35-£50

Walking & Cycling

Walking and cycling are eco-friendly and beneficial travel methods, especially for short distances. Fulham offers extensive paths, including specifically allocated footpaths and trails, facilitating an easy journey for walkers and bike riders throughout the city.

Arriving in Fulham by Car

From Central London:

  • The A4 route then crosses the Hammersmith in a westerly direction.
  • Proceed on the A4 until you reach the junction with the A219 later beside Hammersmith.
  • Make a left at the junction with A219 (Fulham Palace Road), the next street ahead.
  • Only go along Fulham Palace Road until you come across Fulham High Street (A304), located on the other side of Walham Green.
  • Turn into the third on the right opposite Fulham tube station.
  • The Fulham Dental Clinic should be on the left of the street you are travelling through.

Approximate Travel Times:

From central London (e.g., Piccadilly Circus area): It takes around 30-45 minutes, depending on the time of day.

Congestion Charge zones

Depending on where you’re coming from, you must know the congestion charges around London. If you are from central London, Fulham is a congestion-free area.

The charge is £15 if you drive between 07:00 and 18:00 Monday through Friday. 12:00-18:00 Sunday. Please see the map of the congestion charge area below. If you’re going to our clinic, try to avoid the areas if possible.

Parking Information

Parking near the Fulham Road Dental building can be limited, especially during peak hours. It’s advisable to plan your journey and explore nearby parking bays or car parks to avoid any inconvenience. Additionally, staying informed about congestion details can help you plan your route and minimise delays.

Here are some of the pay and displays around our dental practice:



Price per Hour


Max Stay

Fulham Road 6 £6 Mon-Sat 1 Hour
62 Colonmel Road 38 £6 Mon-Sat 8 Hours
49 Winchendon Road 36 £6 Mon-Sat 8 Hours

Arrival Made Easy: Fulham Road Dental Navigation

Navigating to Fulham Road Dental is straightforward, with the correct information and resources. Whether you travel by tube, Uber, cycle, bus or car, careful planning and attention to detail will ensure a smooth journey. Utilise the provided timetables, maps, and pricing information to optimise your travel experience and easily reach Fulham Road Dental.