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Dr. Emanuele Cicero

Dr. Emanuele Cicero ProsthodontistIf you need an experienced dentist in Fulham, a Prosthodontist, Dr. Emanuele Cicero is the man you want to turn to. Emanuele is an American specialist in prosthodontics and restorative dentistry. He has practised his profession across the world in countries including Spain, Italy, and the USA. His growing experience in the dental industry allows him to provide a wide range of prosthodontics to his patients. He has become a vital asset to the team here at Fulham Road Dental and continues to inspire other team members with his depth of knowledge and dedication to his pioneering role in dentistry.


Emanuele was born in the beautiful capital city of Italy – Rome. He has lived between Italy, Spain, Brazil, and the USA throughout his life, expanding his skill set and becoming the inspirational prosthodontist he is today. Although living between countries may seem like a challenge for some, for Emanuele, it was a blessing. His profession and passion for travelling allowed him to experience a wide range of different cultures, allowing him to meet other creative professionals worldwide from whom he has learned a lot.

The passion for dentistry runs deep through the Cicero family. From a young age, Emanuelle spent a lot of time at his father’s dental practice in Rome, Italy. His father’s dental practice, Clinica Cicero, may sound familiar as Emanuele now works there carrying out complete mouth Rehabilitations and smile makeovers. It wasn’t until Emanuele’s friend had a car accident back in 2002 – that he witnessed the fascinating results of prosthetic rehabilitation. He saw his friend’s smile return within one day and the positive impact it had on his life. This experience encouraged Emanuele to pursue his dental studies so he could enjoy a career of restoring happy smiles across the world.



Emanuele’s passion for dentistry began to excel in 2015 when he obtained his dental degree (DDS) from Universidad Europea de Madrid, Spain. Shortly after his studies, he travelled to Brazil to complete a six-month-long internship with Dr. Dickson Martins Fonseca, President of the Brazilian Society of Aesthetic Dentistry (SBOE). Here, he learned how to work successfully in a team and gained hands-on experience working in Potiguar University Clinic and the Police public hospital.

Dr. Emanuele Cicero’s hard work and determination led him to apply to the Post Graduate Prosthodontics Speciality at Tufts University of Dental Medicine (TUSDM). After being accepted, he successfully completed his three-year post-doctoral advanced education training in Prosthodontics in Boston, Massachusetts. Here, he learned about the restorative assets of bringing damaged teeth back to biological health, function and comfort. During his studies, he practised advanced clinical techniques for complete mouth rehabilitations, smile makeovers and implant dentistry.


Dr. Emanuele Cicero limits his practice to Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry in two locations – Rome and the UK. He has become an internationally respected clinician and lecturer, and we feel honoured to have him as part of our team here at Fulham Road Dental. His work focuses on complete mouth rehabilitation in fixed prosthodontics and dentofacial aesthetics. He also dedicates time to researching the implementation of digital technologies in both reconstructive and multidisciplinary dentistry and shares his findings with others throughout his lectures.

You may think Emanuele’s line of work already sounds busy, but he has a lot more to add to his repertoire. He is also an associate editor of the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry. He is also an active member of The American College of Prosthodontics and other international professional organisations. His national and international lectures inspire many budding dentists worldwide, and he continues to share his knowledge with others over on his website – www.emanuelecicero.com

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Reconstruction



As Emanuele completed his speciality training at Tufts University, his academic accomplishments were soon given the recognition he deserved. He was selected as a full-time faculty member and appointed Assistant Professor at Tufts University. For Emanuele, this was a great honour that he still cherishes to this day. As an assistant professor at Tufts University, Emanuele contributed to evolving world of comprehensive dental education that integrates science, technology, patient needs, and lifelong learning in a world-class environment. His depth of knowledge continues to inspire the team at Fulham Road Dental each day, and his dedication to teaching others is more than inspiring.

The recognition for Dr. Emanuele Ciceros’s work does not stop there. In 2020, he hit a career milestone, receiving the highest honour and achievement in the American Speciality of Prosthodontics. He became a diplomate of The American Board of Prosthodontics and a Fellow of The American College of Prosthodontics. To emphasise just how incredible this is, less than 1% of dentists in the US are Board Certified Prosthodontists. (We think he totally deserves these bragging rights down at Fulham Road Dental HQ!) There is no denying that that recognition resulted from years of hard work, commitment and energy to his profession.


Just when you think Dr. Emanuele Cicero couldn’t get any more interesting, you may be surprised to know that his passions stem further than dentistry. His love for travelling unearthed a hidden passion for photography. Emanuele found that photography allowed him to express himself. During his time in countries like Brazil and Spain, he started documenting and capturing the different local communities he encountered. He became fascinated with different lifestyles and used photography to capture their beauty. (Is there anything this man can’t do!)

In 2018, his work was exhibited in one of the most prestigious galleries in the world – the Keszler Gallery in Southampton, New York. His artwork black and white c-print titled “We Build too many walls and not enough bridges” was displayed next to world-renowned artists such as Banksy. It is safe to say Dr. Emanuele Cicero has had a rewarding career so far. We are delighted to have him as part of the Fulham Road Dental team.

Dr. Emanuele Cicero ProsthodontistDr. Emanuele Cicero DDS, FACP

Diplomate of The American Board of Prosthodontics
Assistant Professor, Department of Prosthodontics
Tufts University School of Dental Medicine