Christmas Tooth Care Tips from A Leading Fulham Dentist

Christmas is a highly anticipated celebration. It is a time for presents, family and good food. However, the Christmas season is not always the best time for your dental health.

Today, we will be sharing some top tips on how you can care for your teeth this Christmas. It’s time to focus on having fun and resisting the temptation to eat treats.

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Resist Temptation

During Christmas time, it can be hard to resist all the sweet treats that are lying around. It can be easy to graze throughout the day. This is not good for your dental health! You may be surprised to know that eating a lot throughout the day can increase your risk of tooth decay. This is because it leaves food for bacteria in your mouth. It’s the FREQUENCY of foods rather than the AMOUNT that causes issues, therefore eating all day will lead to dental issues, which is certainly something you want to avoid at Christmas time!

It is best to set yourself a time limit of when you eat food. This can help you resist grazing throughout the day. At Fulham Road Dental, our team are on hand to give you advice about tooth decay prevention. Check out our general dentistry section on our website for more information.

Keep Attending Dental Appointments

Although Christmas is a time for celebrating and relaxing, this does not mean that you should let important appointments slip. In fact, you should still attend any dental appointments that you have arranged. Not only is it crucial to maintain the health of your teeth, but it is also a good opportunity to gain advice from your dentist.

The team at our Fulham dental clinic work with our patients to prepare them for the busy Christmas season. We give advice on what you should and shouldn’t do and some foods that you should try and avoid. We care about our patient’s dental health, and Christmas is certainly not a time for us to slow down. So, if you are thinking of skipping out on your appointment, then we recommend that you don’t. Your dental health is important regardless of what time of year it is.

Best Dental Practice in FulhamAs your parents may have told you – Eat Your Vegetables!

To help you resist any tempting desserts and sweet treats during the evening, make sure to fill up on vegetables at lunch and dinner times. Vegetables such as broccoli and carrots are a good choice for your teeth. They are loaded with vitamin A, which naturally protects and cleans your teeth. So, next time you want to pick up a brownie, maybe swap it for some nutritious vegetables instead. Trust us when we say your teeth will be grateful.

If you have any concerns regarding your teeth during the Christmas season, then our team at Fulham Road Dental would love to help. We are proud to say that we are the recent winners of the best new practice award from the Private Dentistry Awards 2021. We pride ourselves on creating lasting relationships with our patients, and we would love for you to be a part of it. Don’t hesitate to get in touch through the contact us section on our website.