Invisalign at Fulham Road Dental

Invisalign at Fulham Road Dental

Dental problems are a common source of pain and discomfort, as well as anxiety and self-esteem issues. Broken teeth, crooked smiles, bad breath, and discolouration are common issues that many of us face throughout our lives, but luckily dentists and hygienists are available to help rectify these problems. There are many different dental treatments that are available to the public, and one of the most sought-after treatments is Invisalign, which subtly helps to straighten your smile without having restrictive braces fitted. We’ve put together this guide to provide you with some important information about Invisalign and why this treatment could be right for you.

Visiting A New Dentist

This can be a daunting experience, and to alleviate any concerns you might have, it’s worth asking them some important questions to get to know them and how they work. Choosing a dentist is an important decision, and making sure you’re happy that your new dentist is the right fit for you in terms of attitude, as well as skill level, is key to a good experience. If you’re nervous about visiting the dentist, this will help you to identify how well they handle patients that feel uneasy sitting in the chair. Being able to ease someone’s fear in a situation like this is a very important skill and making sure they have the patience to allow you to feel comfortable is essential.

How Often Should I Have A Check-Up?

Dentist and hygienist check-ups are incredibly important as they allow them to identify any potential issues with your teeth and gums. They’ll be able to spot any cavities as well as signs of gum disease and other serious problems. A check-up with your dentist will also give them the chance to spot any severe symptoms of things like mouth cancer. The amount of times you visit your dentist is based on your risk factors so can vary – but in general It’s recommended that people visit their dentist at least once a year, including a hygienist visit so that you can rule out any serious health problems, fix any minor issues such as cavities, and so that you can see whether you’re toothbrushing and flossing routine is working well enough.

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What Can Cause Teeth To Become Crooked?

There is no ‘one’ cause of misalingment in teeth as it can be one of or a combination of different things. It tends to happen during our formative years, and spotting signs of this early on as a parent can help to prevent it from developing to a complex issue in your children, if treated early. Genetics can be a cause of this making the issue unavoidable. As well as this, poor dental hygiene, thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, and malnutrition, among other things, can lead to a crooked smile. Discuss these issues with your dentist or orthodontist early on if you notice any of these things being apparent for your child.

Why Do My Teeth Need Straightening?

One of the main reasons people look to have their teeth straightened is usually for aesthetic purposes. It’s usually an issue that people can live with, especially if it’s not so severe that its causing pain. Severely crooked teeth could also impact speech ability and also the way you clean your teeth. In some cases, seriously crooked teeth might make it difficult or impossible to brush and floss correctly, leading to a high risk of tooth decay. When it comes to the cosmetic treatment of crooked teeth, this is often due to the anxiety and self-consciousness it can cause. Feeling unhappy with the appearance of your smile is perfectly reasonable, and it can have a serious impact on your mental health. Misaligned teeth can cause functional issues like teeth wearing away or cracking.

Straight Teeth

What Is Invisalign?

This treatment is designed specifically to correct a crooked smile. Invisalign treatment is a relatively straightforward procedure and can be very beneficial to your smile. The process is designed to correct your smile subtly and gently over a few months, depending on the severity of the issue. The main reason that many people choose to have Invisalign treatment over standard braces and other treatments is that these aligners are barely noticeable. They act as a clear shield over your teeth which apply slight pressure to them, bringing them slowly into alignment. This gentle pressure allows the teeth to more naturally adjust to their planned positioning. Another reason that people choose Invisalign is that it can be removed when eating, compared to fixed braces which cannot be taken out. This makes braces very difficult to clean, as well as your teeth around them. Whereas, with Invisalign, you can remove the aligner, clean it properly as well as your teeth, and then insert it back over your teeth to continue the treatment.

What is InvisalignHow Long Will The Treatment Take?

The treatment times depends on the seriousness of the case, but on average, the treatment time lasts between 6 and 12 months. While the full treatment time can be extensive, it’s reported by many patients that they can see a marked difference within a month or two. You’ll have to visit your dentist every month (approximately) after starting this treatment so that they can see everything is going smoothly, and they’ll be able to make any adjustments if required. It is often recommended by dentists that even after finishing this treatment, that patients wear something called a retainer. This is a small plastic shield that is very similar to an Invisalign tray, and it’s made to keep your teeth from returning to their previous position. You’ll generally wear this full time as you would with Invisalign, and then after some time, you’ll likely only need to wear it at night.

What Other Aesthetic Treatments Do Dentists Provide?

There are many treatments that dentists can provide to improve our smiles, and rectifying crooked teeth is only one of them. Replacing missing teeth with implants and bridges are popular choices, and these replacements are incredibly convincing today. As well as this, they can effectively rebuild broken, weakened, and deformed teeth using composite bonding. Wear and tear over the years can leave our teeth looking weathered and worn down. This treatment can make your teeth look natural and healthy, and it’s relatively sturdy too. Of course, bonding can wear down and break off over time, so regular check-ups are necessary so your dentist can see how everything is holding up.

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