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The reality is that most of us don’t usually look forward to our dental appointments. If we haven’t been to the dentist for an extended period of time the looming appointment can create some unwanted stress. This anxiety often leads to many patients delaying a regular dental check-up until it’s too late and more extensive dental treatment may be required. As a profession, Dentistry, unfortunately, suffers from most patients having some level of anxiety ahead of dental appointments.

When we set up Fulham Road Dental our simple objective was to change the way patients receive their dental care. In a nutshell, we wanted to make visiting dentists in Fulham a more fun and memorable experience. Our hope is that patients that have had an incredible patient experience will become ambassadors for our local dental business and share this experience with others. In order to really create the experience we wanted our patients to have we had to incorporate elements of other successful bricks and mortar retail formats into our dental practice design.

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Dr. George Cheetham & Mark Brown of Fulham Road Dental

Delivering the best possible patient journey and experience at Fulham Road Dental was based on the following three important elements namely, physical experience at the practice, using technology to create a digital experience and unrivalled medical care.

Physical experience at the dental practice

Many of us have probably experienced a dental surgery as being very clinical in its presentation and design. It might be best described as functional. Patients arrive, are treated by the dentist, pay the bill and are usually relieved to be out of there as soon as possible. There is probably very little of the experience that truly leaves an impression with you (other than the strong medical odour many practices have). Avoiding the sound of the drill is probably regarded as a successful visit.

From the minute you step into the reception area at Fulham Road Dental you will appreciate that the practice has been designed to create a memorable experience for every patient. The interior has been carefully designed to create the feeling of warmth and relaxation and is very spacious. There is a fine but important distinction between creating that feeling of tranquillity rather than feeling like you have walked into a hotel or spa (which we definitely wanted to avoid).

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The contemporary design has subtle sophistication, deliberate use of different textiles, and clean lines to create a very spacious and homely feel. The furniture and decorations have been individually selected to blend together so that our patients are completely relaxed and comfortable. The use of Cologne and Cotton fragrance diffusers immediately makes you feel less anxious about your visit.  Music played through the Sonos surround sound system will immediately put your mind at ease. Refreshments available either before or after your visit include ice cold still or sparkling water or a lovely cup of Illy coffee.  And for those of you that have forgotten to brush your teeth before seeing the dentist we even have sustainably produced toothbrushes and toothpaste for that last minute brush.

Once you are welcomed into the surgery by our clinicians you will immediately notice the comfortable dental chairs. And to round it out, we even have TV monitors for you to catch up on your latest Netflix series or box office hit.

And finally we have installed an air-conditioning system that not only creates a comfortable temperature in the practice but is also designed to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission by ensuring a high level of air circulation throughout the entire practice.

Dentist Interior Design

Technology and the digital experience

The practice is leveraging technology to provide our patients with a complete digital experience. A paperless workflow has been created through the use of a dedicated, user friendly Patient Portal which can be used on both IOS and Android phones devices.

Registration on the Patient Portal is quick and simple. Once registered our patients are able to make and amend bookings online. In addition, updating your medical history, reviewing treatments plans, invoices and contact details couldn’t be easier. Gone are the days of waiting at reception to be checked in. This is all done digitally on your smartphone which means you can enjoy the total patient experience at the practice.

Unrivalled Medical Care

Our clinicians at Fulham Road Dental have been carefully selected to ensure that our patients receive the best possible medical care. Each clinician is an expert in their respective field and is highly regarded within the dental industry. Many have received notable awards, are lecturers at Universities or product ambassadors for dental groups. They have a passion for their respective dentistry and will always ensure that our patients receive the appropriate dental advice. If they can save a tooth rather than extracting it, provide a more effective treatment plan or achieve the same result more cost effectively you can be assured they will provide you with the best medical options. Ultimately we understand you only have one set of teeth so saving those needs to be our priority.

We at Fulham Road Dental are very proud of what we have created. Everyday we come into the practice and ask ourselves how we can continue to improve our patient’s dental experience. This is the reason we set up the practice to provide that differentiated patient experience building on the core principles of a beautiful practice, a digital experience and great medical care.

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