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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Restore your youthful smile

When circumstances cause you to lose one or more teeth during the course of your lifetime, you may feel the need for dental implants or bridges to fill the gap.

Rehabilitating your entire mouth is a very individualised procedure. The main objective of a whole mouth reconstruction plan is to maximise the health of the teeth, gums, and bite as well as the overall mouth. In most cases, multiple dental procedures must be used to replace or restore each tooth in the mouth.

Full-Mouth Rehabilitation: What Is It?

Any dental procedure that involves all of the teeth in the mouth is often referred to as full mouth rehabilitation or reconstruction.

A whole mouth reconstruction tackles concerns with the gums, teeth, and function, as well as the appearance and replacement of missing teeth. An extensive cosmetic dentistry surgery called “full mouth reconstruction” is specially created to enhance your smile significantly.

Who Should Have Full Mouth Rehabilitation

There are several factors, such as trauma or periodontal disease, that can cause teeth to be harmed or to fall out. The best candidates for complete mouth rehabilitation must have several lost or severely damaged teeth and have an acceptable standard of overall oral health.

Many individuals undergoing full mouth rehabilitation must also have worn-out dental restorations replaced. While the majority of whole-mouth rehabilitation plans require a significant amount of treatment spread across several sessions, the end result is a mouth that functions perfectly with exceptional dental health that can last for decades.

What Can You Expect From A Full Mouth Reconstruction

A variety of oral surgical techniques, including dental implants, periodontal therapy, dental implants, porcelain veneers, and other finishing treatments are used in whole-mouth reconstruction. The dentist will choose the right sequence for these treatments after doing the oral examination.

Smile In A Day

An award-winning, long-lasting dental procedure replaces loose, decayed and missing teeth with dental implants and a full set of fixed teeth in as little as one visit!

It is a revolutionary fixed-tooth procedure that gives you back a gorgeous smile, your confidence, and the ability to bite, chew, and enjoy all sorts of food as if you had your original teeth.

It is a less invasive and significantly quicker procedure than conventional dental implant techniques since it just requires one surgical session.

Despite the fact that the majority of our patients need at least one full jaw repair, this dental implant process can replace one, a few, or a whole set of teeth. Even people who have experienced severe bone loss can utilise this treatment.

Smile In A Day Procedure

Regaining completely functional teeth and your stunning new smile can be accomplished in three easy steps. The months of treatment time needed with conventional implant procedures are condensed into one day using an innovative and clinically tested tooth replacement approach – without the requirement for bone grafting.

It is a long-term, fixed treatment that puts an end to the anxiety and discomfort caused by loose, missing, or dentures teeth. It is the closest alternative to real teeth.

  • Step 1: Consultation and Planning

We will discuss your wants, preferences, and potential solutions for your dental issues with one of our highly skilled implant dentists. We’ll question you about the problems you’re having, any health risks we should be aware of, and what kind of replacement for your loose and missing teeth, or dentures, you’re searching for.

  • Step 2: Full Mouth Rehabilitation

After arriving for your dental surgery our friendly team will make you welcome and comfortable in our state of the art dental practice in Fulham. Your treatment will commence with our expert dental team and you will leave with your smile and confidence restored!

  • Step 3: Healing and Aftercare

The vast majority of our patients are astonished by how painless the implant procedure and treatment is, both during and after surgery.

As with any surgical procedure, a little soreness, bruising, and swelling are to be expected; however, these side effects may be treated with over-the-counter painkillers. We suggest that you to take it easy and refrain from intense exercise for a few days following the procedure.

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What Benefits Come Of Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

  • Your teeth are fully restored from a cosmetic and function perspective
  • Your teeth are securely fixed in place, just like natural teeth
  • Pioneering treatments from our leading expert dentists
  • You will be able to eat the things you love again
  • You will lover the appearance of your new smile
  • No more pain or problems with your oral health
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Before Full Mouth Rehabilitation

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After Full Mouth Rehabilitation