The Green Spaces of Fulham & Hammersmith

Healthy Living in Fulham

Healthy Living in FulhamIn the middle of the vibrant urban jungle, spending time in green spaces is truly a breath of fresh air.  London is dubbed a green city with a spectacular number of open spaces and parks. In the borough of Fulham & Hammersmith alone, there are about 18 exceptional accredited parks for residents and visitors.

The parks, playgrounds, and other green spaces do not only serve as the go-to places for recreational activities. These locations and their vibes have grown to be essential contributors in improving one’s physical and mental well-being.

Some of the proven health benefits of green spaces include stress relief and psychological relaxation. These areas also promote and support physical activities such as cycling, jogging, walking, and playing outdoor sports. Aside from positive health effects, these green areas substantially help the environment by reducing traffic noise and by lessening carbon emissions for cleaner air.

As our dental practice is based in the heart of Fulham, on Fulham Road, our front of house team and roster of Fulham dentists have put our heads together to bring you a rundown of the finest green spaces in Fulham and the details that you wouldn’t want to miss in the borough of Fulham & Hammersmith!

Top 10 Green Spaces in Fulham & Hammersmith

There is a fascinating list of parks and green spaces that you can visit in Fulham & Hammersmith. These open spaces are vital to the residents’ quality of life. Residents and guests mostly visit the borough’s open spaces to take a break from the city life, meet with friends, play with children, appreciate nature, and simply spend quality alone time in peace. Below are ten of the well-known parks in Hammersmith & Fulham:

Bishops Park

Located near the Thames River in the south of the borough, Bishops Park is one of the most popular parks in Hammersmith & Fulham. This is a well-used park where several play facilities can be found. The park has a toddlers’ playground, basketball goal, a skate bowl, a water play for all ages and a junior playground.

An ornamental lake, a moat garden, the Fielder’s Meadow, Thames Path, and the Bishop’s Meadow are also located in Bishops Park, boosting its reputation for recreation. In terms of sports, there are bowling greens and tennis courts available in the area. A lot of people play table tennis, basketball and skate in Bishops Park.

Lastly, the gardens in Bishops Park are part of the must-see list, too! Some of them are the sculpture garden, Spanish War Memorial garden, Pryor’s Bank Garden and Rose garden.

Bishops ParkFrank Banfield Park

Considered a new open space open to the public, Frank Banfield Park is 1.25 hectares wide and is named after the borough’s former Mayor and Alderman. Away from the busy Fulham Palace Road, this open space has a children’s play area, grassy areas, and seating areas where people can unwind and escape the city life.

Hammersmith Park

Hammersmith Park’s tennis courts, Japanese garden, play area, and games and basketball court are the most famous facilities park-goers enjoy. Feedback from the locals and visitors have helped developers in 2018 to improve the park and make Hammersmith & Fulham London’s most environmentally friendly borough.

The nearest tube in Hammersmith Park is Shepherds Bush market, and if you opt to take a walk to reach the park, you can reach it from the south through Frithville Gardens and if you’re coming from the north, access the park through South Africa Road.

Hammersmith ParkHurlingham Park

Considered one of Hammersmith & Fulham’s flagship parks, Hurlingham Park is mostly frequented by visitors and residents who are into sports. This is because there are a lot of areas in the park which cater to the sporting needs of people. There are three tennis courts, three rugby pitches, two netball courts, three football pitches, a bowling green and changing rooms.

You can reach the park on foot, by car, or by tube so there is no excuse for you to not see this gem if you are visiting the area. You can also book the sports areas if you plan to use them.

Margravine Cemetery

One important open space in Hammersmith & Fulham is the Margravine Cemetery. This place is well-loved and well-used not only by the locals but by residents and guests from nearby boroughs, too. You can reach the cemetery by foot or by tube.

When you reach the place, there are buildings of interest, listed buildings and wildlife conservation which you can visit and explore. Formal planting, war memorials and historic features are also present in the area, so if you want to know more about them, you can definitely check them out during your visit.

Pineapple Park

Also known as William Parnell Park, Pineapple Park is another open space you can reach through transport links or by walking. This is located in the borough’s south, specifically in Sands End. There are also a lot of entrances to the park – from Bagley’s Lane, Marinefield Road, Pearscroft Road, Stephendale Road and Gilstead Road.

When you reach Pineapple Park, you can enjoy the play areas dedicated to different age groups. There is a separate play area for children who are 0-5 years old and another play area for those who are above 5 years old.

Ravenscourt Park

Another flagship park in Hammersmith & Fulham is Ravenscourt Park. It is 13 hectares wide and contains a paddling pool and beach during summer. The park boasts its wildlife habitats, courts, play facilities and gardens which are frequently visited by locales and guests.

The nearest tube to Ravenscourt Park is the park itself or Stamford Book and you can also reach the park by foot. When you reach Ravenscourt Park, you will see several play areas. There are four play areas dedicated to kids 0-5 years of age, while another play area is for children who are 5-13 years old. Along with these play areas, there are outdoor basketball and netball courts, a paddling pool, a café, tennis courts, a bowling garden, a sandpit and a garden centre and café.

You can say that all you need in a park or open space can be found in Ravenscourt Park, so if you are looking for a really good quiet time, you can head to this park any time.

Wormholt Park

Known as a good place to play basketball and tennis, Wormholt Park offers a lot more activities which friends and families can enjoy. There is a play area for kids 0-5 years of age, games and the basketball court, and tennis courts with free play.

From Shepherds Bush Market, which is the nearest tube, you can walk to reach the park. If you’re coming from the White City tube station, you can also access the park on foot.

Wormwood Scrubs

The largest open space in Hammersmith & Fulham is Wormwood Scrubs. Covering 67 hectares of land and greenery, this location is wide enough for any and every kind of activity you wish to try. The place can be used for sports pitches, a place where you can have picnics, fly kites or just run about. The Wormwood Scrubs give you a chance to appreciate nature and see it up close.

In this open space, there are play areas dedicated to children who are 0-13 years old, 9 full-size football pitches, 7 junior-size football pitches, two Gaelic football pitches, the Linford Christie Outdoor Sports Centre, two outdoor gyms, seasonal baseball diamonds and available rugby pitch/Lacrosse when requested.

Basically, Wormwood Scrubs is a really popular open space in Hammersmith & Fulham, so if you want to relax or just check out the place, do not hesitate to visit and explore its entirety.

Wormwood Scrubs ParkNormand Park

Normand Park contains both public and private facilities that people can enjoy. These fantastic facilities include swimming pools, a public gym, tennis courts, a café, a creche and lockers.

Other additional features can be experienced by private members, and there is also a Fun Club for children which offers various activities that children will surely enjoy. Some of these activities include drop-in sessions, swimming lessons, courses and targeted activities.

Things You Need to Know when Visiting a Park in Fulham & Hammersmith

Unless it is part of sanctioned events, barbeques and open fires are prohibited in the park premises. This is to prevent any fire incidents that might damage the park properties, landscape, and plants. Permission from the Council is mandatory if you wish to use the open spaces for large events and other commercial activities.

The parks are well-maintained. It is the responsibility of the park goers to keep the premises clean and safe. The use of pyrotechnics, paper lanterns, and water bombs is not allowed. Single-use plastics and balloon releases are also forbidden and highly discouraged in the park areas.

Park Police

The Park Police is under the Law Enforcement Team which is launched in April 2021. They are responsible for the patrolling of Hammersmith & Fulham to ensure that the residents and visitors of the borough are always safe.

Expect the presence of the police as they further their efforts to keep the place safe and orderly. The team aims to maintain a clean and tidy borough while securing its people, so it is necessary for you to learn about the DOs and DONTs of Hammersmith & Fulham when you come to visit.

Professional dog walker

Like people, the pets would want to go out and have a fun outdoor adventure, too. Most of the time, residents let their pets tag along when they head out for a stroll or a run. If you’re bringing your lovely dogs in the park yourself, it is best to mind the number of pets you’re bringing along. It is important to make sure that the pets are not interfering with other park visitors’ enjoyment of their time in the area.

Not all pet owners have the time for these activities with their cute companions. With a busy schedule, they can only rely on professional dog walkers for the job. A professional dog walker is someone who is hired and licensed to care for, kennel, exercise, or transport dogs. This is a convenient way to treat your dogs when things get too busy and hectic. They are a usual sight in the parks of Hammersmith & Fulham.

Aside from the list of rules and guidelines, it is significant for the park goers to be responsible and respectful for the property, wildlife, and other visitors of the park. Keeping these areas clean and safe for everyone is a collective effort and an inspiring way to acknowledge these spaces’ value in the quality of urban life.